Environmental changes since 3.1.5

  • Java 6 support discontinued
  • Servlet upgrade Specs to 2.5
  • Hibernate dialect can be set from environment
  • Database relation user-userpreferences changed to make the user-entity the master of the relation and the preferences referencing to the user (1:1).
    This is done by having the same primary key for user and preferences.
    To apply to the database without loosing existing user preferences, you will have to stop itracker and apply the following query (MySQL):
            ALTER TABLE userpreferencesbean ADD COLUMN newid INT(11) NOT NULL  AFTER id;
             UPDATE userpreferencesbean, userbean
                SET userpreferencesbean.newid = userbean.id
              WHERE userpreferencesbean.id = userbean.preferences_id;
             ALTER TABLE userbean DROP FOREIGN KEY `>foreign key name<` ;
             ALTER TABLE userpreferencesbean
               CHANGE COLUMN id id INT(11) NOT NULL;
             ALTER TABLE userpreferencesbean DROP PRIMARY KEY;
             ALTER TABLE userpreferencesbean ADD PRIMARY KEY (newid),
               CHANGE COLUMN newid newid INT(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT;
             ALTER TABLE userbean DROP COLUMN preferences_id;
             UPDATE userpreferencesbean
                SET id = newid;
             ALTER TABLE userpreferencesbean
               CHANGE COLUMN newid newid INT(11) NOT NULL ,
               DROP PRIMARY KEY,
               ADD PRIMARY KEY (id);
             ALTER TABLE userpreferencesbean
               ADD CONSTRAINT user_fk
               FOREIGN KEY (id)
               REFERENCES  userbean (id)
               ON DELETE RESTRICT
               ON UPDATE RESTRICT;
             ALTER TABLE userpreferencesbean DROP COLUMN newid;
    Alternatively, shutdown itracker, drop the table userpreferences, upgrade itracker and start.
    -> Be aware: By doing this, all user-preferences will be reset!

itracker 3.3.0 release-notes - Changes from 3.1.5

  • fix relation between user and user-preferences in the database schema
  • split the single WAR project to a multi-project to separate the web from other layers
  • fixes in workflow scripts and support for Groovy scripts
  • Export XML cleanup
  • JTA upgrade to 1.1
  • Site improvements for changelog and dependencies reports
  • stabilizing releasing of itracker versions