Environmental changes since 3.1.0

  • Configuration properties moved to classpath (WEB-INF/classes/configuration.properties).
  • Separated application properties from configuration properties.

itracker 3.1.1 release-notes - Changes from 3.1.0

Header and Footer fixes.

Improved usability for Admin to manage configuration entries.

Fixed Struts incompatibility bug in configuration administration by reverting bean-utils version to 1.7.0.

Confirmation added to delete action buttons.

Edit issue validation fixed (Bug#285)

Added 'staging' for site here.

Struts upgraded to 1.3.10

More tiles-templating configuration for the help module added.

Improved Selenium testing.

Fixed new Sourceforge settings from migration.

Support for running with maven jenkins.

Migration from 2.4

see itracker-3.0 release notes