itracker 3.0.1 release-notes - Changes from 3.0.0

Major updates on core resources (ItrackerResources) and language-admin section.

Minor fixes on JSPs, internationalizations, permissions.

Tests re-enabled or changed.

Fixes some charset issues when using UTF-8 database, databases should be updated manually to support UTF-8. Please refer to Mysql migration guide.

Language-keys will not be initialized on database, the defaults are consumed from the properties (fallback) and are overridden by database if re-defined in language-admin. Defaulted keys can be removed from database manually.

Fixed bugs

Translation bugs fixed
Minor fixes
Admin home bugs fixed
Validation bugs fixed
Custom fields bugs fixed
Backed testing bugs fixed

Migration from 2.4

  • migrate from 2.4
  • use it for internal or less critical projects
  • try to break it (over the web-interface)
  • provide feedback on bugs or failures in JIRA please.

see also itracker-3.0 release notes