Install itracker

The basic default setup assuming Tomcat 6.x or 7.x servlet container and a Mysql 5.x database. The database connection will be used from a JNDI env entry java:comp/env/jdbc/itracker_ds.

  1. download and install Apache Tomcat 6.x or 7.x, you can do this here: Download Tomcat If you need more instructions about Tomcat take a look at this site: Apache Tomcat
  2. After installing Tomcat you have to set up an empty MySQL database for your itracker. The database must support UTF-8 charset for itracker to function properly. If you need more instructions about MySQL:
  3. Tomcat context should be configured to have access on the datasource via JNDI see this example for a start.
  4. itracker assumes the mail and activation libs are provided in the application class-path either by the JVM or application server. Best practice is to install the required files to the Tomcat lib folder if necessary:
    1. download and extract java activation framework available from
    2. copy the jar file activation.jar to the webserver library (eg $TOMCAT_HOME/lib/)
    3. download and extract javamail available from
    4. copy the jar files mail-api.jar and javamail.jar to the webserver library
    5. restart Tomcat to apply this changes
  5. If you have all this requirements resolved, download the binary itracker file on Sourceforge. Extract it and deploy the itracker.war file to $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps folder
  6. You can update configurations in tomcat/webapps/itracker folder:
    • Database connection configuration you will find in WEB-INF/classes/ , by default a JNDI resource for looking up the datasource will be used at java:comp/env/jndi/itracker_ds, but you can still replace the datasource to be in-app by changing the WEB-INF/classes/datasource.xml.
    • The basic application settings are in this file: WEB-INF/ , or override specific values using the JNDI env entries at java:comp/env/itracker
  7. If you have finished the configuration restart the tomcat application to change your settings. You should be able to open the url itracker on localhost port 8080