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@todo 0 @todo

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Number of occurrences found in the code: 117

org.itracker.core.resources.ItrackerResourcesIT Line
set languageDAO of ConfigurationService 63
org.itracker.model.Configuration Line
every configuration item should have a name, similar to a Java property in a properties file. A description would be nice to have too. name + version should be the natural key. (note: we shouldn't allow 2 configuration items with the same name and version, but with different types). </p> <p/> <p> But since <code>name</code> is nullable, only the type and value can be used as natural key at the moment. This should be a temporary situation, because the value is allowed to change. </p> 110
org.itracker.model.CustomField Line
use type-safe enum CustomField.DateFormat 89
org.itracker.model.CustomFieldIT Line
makit unit-test? 12
org.itracker.model.CustomFieldValueIT Line
makit unit-test? 12
org.itracker.model.IssueActivityTypeTest Line
Remove call to depreciated code 13
org.itracker.model.IssueAttachmentTest Line
does it still fail sometimes? 90
org.itracker.model.IssueField Line
throw IllegalArgumentException instead of IssueException ? 259
throw IllegalArgumentException instead of IssueException ? 336
org.itracker.model.IssueFieldIT Line
makit unit-test? 13
org.itracker.model.NotificationTest Line
remove method from Notification 36
org.itracker.model.Project Line
it would be a Set, not list 86
org.itracker.model.WorkflowScript Line
what's the expected type here? private Collection projectFields; 62
org.itracker.model.util.IssueUtilitiesIT Line
make tests using the database where appropriat (setup testdata from datasets) 16
org.itracker.model.util.UserUtilities Line
Could use an enumeration 41
must we really use this BASE64Encoder()? it seems to be not support by jrockit rt.jar hash = Base64.encodeBytes(raw); 217
org.itracker.persistence.dao.BaseHibernateDaoImplIT Line
fails currently try { dao.save(l); fail("entity is already persisted, save must throw DataAccessException"); } catch (DataAccessException dae) { // OK } 54
org.itracker.persistence.dao.IssueActivityDAO Line
rename to findByIssue() 20
org.itracker.persistence.dao.PermissionDAOImplIT Line
fix implementation or test 30
org.itracker.persistence.dao.UserDAOImplIT Line
fails, please fix 89
org.itracker.selenium.CreateIssueSeleniumIT Line
--No comment-- 123
org.itracker.selenium.LogoutSeleniumIT Line
not use username as password! 39
org.itracker.services.IssueService Line
Add Javadocs here: document this whole class.describe what is the use for this method. 132
shall we deprecate this one? why do we need to give it a userId? 172
org.itracker.services.NotificationService Line
whats its use? <p/> Moved from {@link IssueService}, could not find out the purpose of this method. What will happen with this added {@link Notification}? 103
org.itracker.services.authentication.AbstractPluggableAuthenticator Line
Rewrite Javadocs here: we don't have session beans or EJBs anymore 28
org.itracker.services.authentication.adsson.GetUserModelFromADPrivilegedAction Line
Add Javadocs here 18
org.itracker.services.authentication.adsson.WindowsSSONAuthenticator Line
get user from jcifs 54
org.itracker.services.implementations.ConfigurationServiceImpl Line
when current version is outdated? 1106
org.itracker.services.implementations.IssueServiceIT Line
test function for unavailable projects 163
test function for unavailable projects 190
test getUnassignedIssues(true) 232
please somebody do tests on populate (multiple?) custom fields on an issue Test method for {@link org.itracker.services.IssueService#setIssueFields(java.lang.Integer, java.util.List)} . 517
org.itracker.services.implementations.IssueServiceImpl Line
Cleanup this file, go through all issues, todos, etc. 40
move to {@link NotificationService} 159
maybe it has no use at all. is it obsolete? when I'd set the issue-fields on an issue and then save/update issue, would it be good enough? 545
There is no relation saved to database yet? 797
configurationService should be set from context 1023
translate activity for adding attachments IssueActivity activityAdd = new IssueActivity(issue, attachment.getUser(), IssueActivityType.ATTACHMENT_ADDED); activityAdd.setDescription(attachment.getOriginalFileName()); issue.getActivities().add(activityAdd); 1189
move to {@link NotificationService} ? 1347
org.itracker.services.implementations.NotificationServiceIT Line
should be different owner and creator, projectowners 109
org.itracker.services.implementations.NotificationServiceImpl Line
Cleanup this file, go through all issues, todos, etc. 44
final debugging/integration/implementation 403
Decide if this code is really needed and document for what 404
localize.. 625
check these 3 lines - do we need them?: notifications.addAll(issue.getNotifications()); notifications.add(notification); issue.setNotifications(notifications); 784
is it needed to update issue too? 789
url should be automatically generated by configuration (baseurl) and notification (issue-id). 994
org.itracker.services.implementations.ProjectServiceImpl Line
Cleanup this file, go through all issues, todos, etc. 31
Add Javadocs here: document this whole class. 32
implement Locale-aware ProjectFields. 210
Decide if this code is really needed and document for what 315
org.itracker.services.implementations.ProjectServiceImplIT Line
--No comment-- 363
--No comment-- 370
org.itracker.services.implementations.UserServiceImpl Line
use a factory to hide this. 660
don't swallow exceptions!! MUST be propagated to the caller!! 680
org.itracker.services.util.NamingUtilitiesIT Line
Add Javadocs here: what is the purpose of this class? 14
org.itracker.web.actions.PortalHomeAction Line
Action Cleanup 24
since repeating code, set a common Comparator variable to contain the Comparator to use and execute the sort pre issue type only once. 121
set the next value based on the request attribute! 235
org.itracker.web.actions.admin.AdminHomeAction Line
performance issue when attachments size needs to be calculated over many issues ! select sum(size) from IssueAttachment 151
org.itracker.web.actions.admin.configuration.EditConfigurationAction Line
Action Cleanup 54
, set correct activity? IssueActivity activity = new IssueActivity(); activity.setActivityType(IssueActivityType.SYSTEM_UPDATE); activity.setDescription(ITrackerResources.getString("itracker.activity.system.status")); issues.get(i).getActivities().add(activity); 219
need to fix this RJST activity.setIssue(issues.get(i)); 228
org.itracker.web.actions.admin.configuration.EditCustomFieldFormAction Line
Action Cleanup 44
org.itracker.web.actions.admin.configuration.EditCustomFieldValueFormAction Line
Action Cleanup 56
org.itracker.web.actions.admin.configuration.ImportDataProcessAction Line
, removed name attribute, so it's defaulted to the key 155
, removed name attribute, so it's defaulted to the key 159
? 302
org.itracker.web.actions.admin.configuration.RemoveConfigurationItemAction Line
Action Cleanup 44
org.itracker.web.actions.admin.project.EditProjectScriptFormAction Line
maybe intended to be an 'action' for the EditProjectScriptAction? 50
org.itracker.web.actions.admin.report.EditReportAction Line
cleanup the service. 81
org.itracker.web.actions.admin.report.EditReportFormAction Line
Action Cleanup 35
org.itracker.web.actions.preferences.EditPreferencesAction Line
Action Cleanup 60
the following checks make no sense from my perspective. This check should happen in the ExecuteAlways filter maybe Shall we remove it? 75
should this check happen earlier? 142
org.itracker.web.actions.preferences.EditPreferencesFormAction Line
Action Cleanup 56
remove this hack, this should be handled central, there are other instances of this hack 89
org.itracker.web.actions.project.CreateIssueAction Line
Action Cleanup 55
this is absolutely complex, unreadable code. why do it, what does it do, can we keep it simple? it seems to set issueCustomField (issueFields), you might be able to refactor this into its own method (hiding in a method ;) ) 195
org.itracker.web.actions.project.CreateIssueFormAction Line
Action Cleanup 53
org.itracker.web.actions.project.EditIssueAction Line
can we make this token optional (configurable) and probably by form, not over the whole app.. 57
org.itracker.web.actions.project.EditIssueFormAction Line
Sort attachments Collections.sort(attachments, IssueAttachment.CREATE_DATE_COMPARATOR); 121
org.itracker.web.actions.project.MoveIssueAction Line
is seems first condition is not necessary 139
return detailed messages on the missing authorization 140
org.itracker.web.actions.project.ViewIssueAction Line
verify this code. 59
org.itracker.web.actions.user.LoginAction Line
Deprecated code. Can we get rid of it? Why is it so complicated?? We only want to iknow if success or no success 160
no information about login-credentials should be shown 235
org.itracker.web.actions.user.SelfRegisterAction Line
remove this hack, this should be handled central, there are other instances of this hack 92
org.itracker.web.filters.ExecuteAlwaysFilter Line
itracker.web.generic.unknown for unknown user? 172
this should be configured per-instance. Request server-name should only be used for exception and logged (configuration not found!) 300
remove deprecated currLocale attribute 318
org.itracker.web.forms.CustomFieldValueForm Line
setup request env for validation output 110
org.itracker.web.forms.IssueForm Line
owner? 134
should issue, project, user, services be available too? 193
why do we need to updateIssue here, and can not later? issueService.updateIssue(issue, user.getId()); 529
simplify this code, it's not readable, unsave yet. 685
What happens here, validation? 850
org.itracker.web.ptos.ProjectPTO Line
Code Cleanup: this method is not used and I don't like the name (what does setup stand for?) 161
Decide if this code is really needed and document for what 162
org.itracker.web.scheduler.tasks.MailNotification Line
never used, commented, task added: int totalMessages = src_folder.getMessageCount(); 98
process message 120
org.itracker.web.servlets.GenericController Line
Rewrite Javadocs here This needs documentation. Is it still used? What is it used for? How? It is referenced by AttachementDownloadController, (@deprecated Use org.itracker.web.actions.admin.attachment.DownloadAttachmentAction instead.) ReportChartController, ReportDownloadController 47
org.itracker.web.servlets.ReportDownloadController Line
the 2-3 lines are most propably not used; commented, task added Commented more not used lines, but added a task for testing. HttpSession session = request.getSession(); UserModel user = (UserModel) session.getAttribute("user"); User user = (session == null ? null : (User) session.getAttribute(Constants.USER_KEY)); 53
org.itracker.web.servlets.RssFeedController Line
semantic style statusLocalizedString = IssueUtilities.getStatusName(issue.getStatus(), locale); severityLocalizedString = IssueUtilities.getSeverityName(issue.getSeverity(), locale); if (issue.getComponents().size() == 0) { componentsSize = ITrackerResources.getString( ListIssuesActionUtil.RES_KEY_UNKNOWN, locale); } else { componentsSize = issue.getComponents().get(0).getName() + (issue.getComponents().size() > 1 ? " (+)" : ""); } 275
org.itracker.web.util.ImportExportTags Line
--No comment-- 43
org.itracker.web.util.ImportExportUtilities Line
instead to have a string returned, it should directly serialize the export to the response-writer. 120
unmarshal from is 145
marshal to System.out 153
org.itracker.web.util.ImportExportUtilitiesIT Line
not stable 216
Not a valid XML.. 452
org.itracker.web.util.ImportHandler Line
handle configuration for setting the BASE label 265
Make status Enum 386
org.itracker.web.util.ListIssuesActionUtil Line
check for other occurences for this constants and maybe place somewhere else? 21
org.itracker.web.util.LoginUtilities Line
the order of retrieving locale from request should be: <ol> <li>request-attribute Constants.LOCALE_KEY</li> <li>request-param 'loc'</li> <li>session attribute <code>Constants.LOCALE_KEY</code></li> <li>cookie 'loc'</li> <li>request.getLocale()/request.getLocales()</li> <li>ITrackerResources.DEFAULT_LOCALE</li> </ol> </p> 146
this is a hack, remove when possible 344
org.itracker.web.util.ServletContextUtils Line
In fact this shouldn't be needed / used, ITracker's JSP have way too much java code 13