This is the first 3.0 release candidate. There will be some stuff to fix, so please do testing of essential stuff:

  • migrate from 2.4
  • use it for internal or less critical projects
  • try to break it (over the web-interface)
  • provide feedback on bugs or failures in JIRA please.

Environmental changes since 2.4

  • Built using Maven 2, tests with Dbunit and in-memory hsqldb
  • Based on Java 5, Servlets 2.4
  • Replaced service EJBs by POJO Spring-2.0 services
  • Freed Struts-actions from mandatory calls in execute-method (replaced by servlet-filter)
  • New generation of web-site including automatic reports (incubating)
  • Java Naming (JNDI) support for configuration added

Itracker 3.0-rc1 release-notes - fixed bugs

task description
2100577 Unauthentificated: no exceptions should be outputed
2100559 Notification URLs not working
1865237 Editing an issue with project set to 'Viewable only' error.
2100554 Issue Notifications Base-URL
2100585 Order of Severity Options is wrong
2100565 New Issues Resolution
3.0-alpha 2
1943775 Activities not persisted on Issue Update
1872304 Description too short on overview page
1871744 Issue Count Performance on Admin Page
1646377 Clicking Admin: Page load damn slow...
1645565 We will move /web/itracker.war to /web again
1645564 maven build fails..
1639283 Admin Page does not load: ServletException: large,existingDB
1634409 Admin Projects: Null Pointer when adding project..
1634264 Exception when accessing admin...
1630868 Null Pointer Excepetion in IssueUtilities.canViewIssue
1629856 List Issues fails when Status = null
1628706 Permission Exceptions in DefaultAuthenticator?
1620307 Tests all fail: in memory hsql db not starting?
1618770 portalhome should not show closed issues...
1617992 Implement addIssueNotification() in IssueServiceImpl
1616513 Can users be locked?
1616329 An existing issue can't be updated without add detailed desc
1612764 Check if Adding and Removing Permissions simultanously works
1612763 Check if Removing Permissions works..
1612762 Check if Adding Permissions works..
1612179 Issues don't seem to be assignable to Owners
1611562 Admin Project cannot Edit (existing) Project
1607844 Admin: edit the Admin/Super User fails...
1607838 Admin: Creating a User fails after the User has been created
1498876 Admin: the EditSuperUserForm of does not show Permissions...
1902148 Notifications sent with previous history description
1865242 Editing a user with mismatch password and confirmation error
1863997 Locked projects that should not be locked.
1863342 Issue details doesn't show attachments
1634414 Does the scripting stuff work as expected?
1629061 My Preferences: hide sections does not work?
1629054 Problems with Status New and Unassigned....
1618779 My Preferences: Hide myITracker Sections can\'t be changed...
1615520 Test-Failure: UserServiceImplTest
1615518 Test-Failure: LanguageDAOImplTest
1612119 Admin Configurations: Administer buttons is missing.
1610276 View Issue Activity does not work..
1608763 Admin Projects Edit (Save the form does not work)
1607920 Admin Languages
1583101 Issue Search does not work...
1551776 JSP-Refactoring: fix the portalhome again
1440466 portalhome:too many Projects and Issues: Hibernate Query bad
3.0-alpha 1
1573111 Check the implementation ofUserDAO: findSuperUsers()
1563152 +++ the users can't be given project permissions...
1559872 Updating an Issue does not work...
1559863 Change Owner of Issue does not work
1555802 List Issues after Create Issue fails...
1488814 Show Issues fails after EditIssue (Form Submit)
1444325 UserPreferences Validation does not run...
1441983 + Issue Search: some stuff does not show up on the form...
1441980 Project Admin shows too many projects...
1441369 UserPreferences cant be updated...
1441357 +++ Admin seems too make too large queries...
1441321 Project List should only show active Projects
1577036 Hibernate throws an exception on web app startup
1573112 Setting the Owners of a Project does not work.