Getting Started

How to get up and running developing for itracker

  1. Setup your Developement Environment (recommended: Tomcat 6.x, Eclipse 3.3+ with Maven Integration-/SVN-Plugin)
  2. Run with main (development) database (configured in /src/main/tomcat/context.xml) to run in Tomcat from maven (mvn packge tomcat6:run -Pitracker.tomcat)
    • or alternatively Setup a local MySQL with an existing tomcat installation (IDE) and add links to the JNDI datasource and mailsession using a META-INF/context.xml
  3. Get the Source Code from Subversion
  4. Check all IDE settings (Runtime Environment, Server-Configuration, Maven Dependency Management etc).
  5. Set the application-context.xml and (eventually create a META-INF/context.xml for webapplication JNDI context)
  6. Run the application (debug or start) on Tomcat
  7. If it all works, then log on local itracker in using "admin", "admin"
  8. Start development by following the open bugs and tasks on SourceForge.

Also read the this question in the FAQ.

Please stick to the following rules:

  • Only check in working/tested code, if possible.
  • Don't start anything you don't finish.
  • Register bugs you see.
  • Whatever you do, please make this visible on SourceForge, so we know who is working on which part.